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Computer Monitor and TV recycling

Monitor Disposal via Recycling
We hope you enjoy our movie about ECO Friendly Monitor Disposal. To play the movie either click the graphic opposite or click this text.

This short film was recorded at our recycling facility in NJ and shows one of our computer recycling technicians de-manufacturing an old CRT monitor. The computer screen is one of a batch of 300 monitors that we collected from a business in Manhattan (NYC) that needed all their office PC's and monitors recycled. When you watch the movie you’ll see just how much work in involved in monitor, computer and general electronics recycling. The recycling movie has been speeded to show you the start to finish of the dismantlement process. We hope you like watching it.

Computer Disposal via recycling (the de-manufacturing process)

Monitor Disposal via Recycling
PC, Laptop and Server disposal via recycling is firstly achieved via a de-manufacturing process.

The entire computer is dismantled and separated into its materials, so that each part of the PC can be recycled.

Reclaimed plastics and metals ensures not waste helping us keep to our Landfill FREE computer disposal policy.

Click here to watch a PC being recycling.

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