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Disposing of Television Sets – Where to Recycle Your TV

Is your TV set ready for the trash? Do you want to throw away your old Television? Do you have hundreds of TV’s you need disposing of? If it’s just one or one thousand TV’s we at the New Jersey Electronics Disposal & Recycling Center can help.

Who Recycles CRT TV’s

CRT or cathode ray tube televisions and monitors can be recognised as bulky, glass TV’s unlike the flat screen TV which are thinner. CRT televisions need specialized equipment to manage their disposal. The reason for this is that CRT’s contain hazardous materials and their disposal can be dangerous unless properly managed. Our recycling facility specializes in CRT television recycling and has some of the most advanced technology in the country for processing old TV sets and old computer screens. There is only a-hand-full of Recyclers in the USA that can manage CRT TV recycling, we are one of them. As a result our disposal and recycling center helps manage TV disposal for New Jersey, PA, NY and many nearby States.

How do I Throw Away My Old TV Set?

If you are in need of a recycler to dispose of your old TV sets you are in luck, we recycle thousands of TV’s of all shape and size every month. We run special drop-in events, open days and in some cases we collect your old TV’s. Simply call us to arrange help with disposing of your broken or unwanted television or you can Television Recycling and Disposal Services to send us a message.

Laws on Recycling Old TV Sets

Its law in most States to recycle TV’s now-a-days, if you dump your TV into the TRASH you may well be prosecuted. Why do you have to recycle TV and TV equipment such as VCR’s, DVD players and so on? The answer is quite important; your old TV contains materials that are deadly to the ECO system. Why is recycling a TV so important to you? Well we are all part of the ECO system, if you dump your TV into the trash and that trash gets compounded into the earth toxins could end up in our drinking water – not good. That said recycling your TV does more than just save the environment it also helps the economy. Each TV has to be taken apart by hand; this process of de-manufacturing creates jobs. Furthermore alloys, plastics and other compounds can be reclaimed for further usage, helping save natural resources whilst also providing a sustainable business cycle for American Manufacturing. That’s why when you choose to use us to recycle your old TV you really are doing your bit to help. TV Disposal Service

Collection of Old TV Sets

If you just have one TV set that you need collecting we can help point you in the right direction. In some cases it’s worth putting all your electronic junk together to get rid of it at the same time. There are many options to recycling your TV’s and electronics and we are here to help you with everything please call us today or Television Recycling and Disposal Services to arrange a collection.

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