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Where is the nearest place to recycle electronics and computing equipment?

We can organize a collection of your e-waste from anywhere in the USA but you are more than welcome to drop your old electronics or computers into our main facility or collection points. Call us to find out the nearest place for recycling to you.

How big is your recycling facility?

Our main recycling and disposal center for electrical equipment is 110,000 sq. Ft. in size. We process / recycle electronic equipment using a combined workforce of over 250 people. We are one of the largest recycling and disposal companies for computers and electrical equipment in the USA. Our other centers for recycling are in partnership with Village Office Supply and span the tri-state area. Our company is registered as Newtech (new technologies) Recycling Inc and hold permits with the State of New Jersey for recycling CRT monitors and electrical equipment.

How do I get there?

Call us and we’ll e-mail you directions to your nearest recycling center location or recycling event - alternatively CLICK HERE and send us a message.

Our New Jersey Business Ewaste Recycling Center can be found on Google Maps – CLICK HERE:
Recycling Center

How do I arrange a collection?

When arranging a collection please let us know if you have any special requirements such as data destruction (hard drive wiping) or if you need help with disassembling any equipment. Based upon the size of the collection we’ll send an appropriate sized vehicle / vehicles and a team to collect your e-waste from your office or location.

Is there any way for someone to collect my junk electronics or office equipment?

Yes we can collect the electronics you need recycled or one of our collection partners can collect your old computers or electronics. call us

Opening Hours

Opening Hours for our recycling center are from 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday however we also run recycling events on the weekends. Click Here to find out when our next recycling event will be.

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