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Frequently Asked Questions:

Listed below are some of the most frequently asked questions we get sent along with our answers:

Question: How are TVs recycled or disposed of?

Answer: It depends on the type of television, CRT (cathode ray tubes) TV’s require a special process due to their vacuum and heavy metals. Our recycling facility is equipped to dispose of all shape, size and type of TV set please call us today.

Question: How can I recycle a photocopier, computer, printer or fax machine?

Answer: Office or home computer and printing equipment all need to be disposed of via recycling. If you need to recycle old unused computers, copiers and other such office equipment please contact us today or Electronics Recycling and Disposal Servicesto send us a message.

Question: How do you dispose of an old computer monitor, server, laptop or PC?

Answer: Your old or unwanted PC’s and their monitors are disposed of via a de-manufacturing process that allows us to reclaim their composite materials (alloys and plastics). Laptop, server and computer recycling can include a data destruction services which wipes clean any information held on the memory or disk of any computing device. When you contact us please ask about our data destruction service.

Question: How to get rid of large electronic equipment from photocopiers to machinery

Answer: Getting rid of your large obsolete equipment is simple, our disposal for recycling service can include an on-location disassemble and removals team. CLICK HERE or call us to ask for more information.

Question: How to organize your recycling

Answer: The best way to throw away your businesses old office equipment, computers or e-waste is to do it in bulk. Collect up all your old or unused computers, monitors or electronic junk and we’ll sort it into groups and recycle it for you, call us today.

Question: How to recycle toner cartridges

Answer: Recycling cartridges is simple you can post it to us or if you have enough we can collect them. Our recycling center also holds several partnerships with office supply businesses that are able to collect them on our behalf. Call us today to find out more or Electronics Recycling and Disposal Services to send us a message.

Question: How to safely dispose of monitors, computers and electronic equipment

Answer: Have you read about the toxins held within electronics? Are you worried that you might be exposed to these toxins? Most toxins are only dangerous if ingested, as long as you don’t start eating your old computers you should be ok. It is important however to keep electrical equipment out of landfills as they may pollute the earth. So please do not throw away your junk computers, monitors, toners and cartridges with the normal trash, call us instead.

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