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Data Destruction - Hard Drive and Memory Data Sterilization
Data Destruction - Hard Drive and Memory Data Sterilization

How do I ensure the data on our hard drives is deleted before it is recycled?

Before we collect or you send us your old computer equipment you will have probably deleted all the information from the hard drive. You may have even formatted the drive and smashed it up with a hammer (please don’t). The truth is deleting, formatting and shredding hard drives will not ensure all data is destroyed. There is only one sure way to ensure the data is removed forever and that service is something we offer to all our clients in need of computer disposal. Call Us Today or Click Here to request more information.

When we want to dispose of old servers, laptops and PC’s do we need the data wiped?

It depends on your sector, most our business and research clients insist that the hard-drives a destroyed before the machine is recycled. In some cases it’s not worth it because you don’t have any business secrets or high level security concerns. You might even be donating a PC and want to keep it running for whoever gets it next. Most small businesses just have the files deleted because most time the computers get melted down for their metals anyhow. That said Hard Drive and Memory Data Destruction is a very popular service.

What is the technology used to destroy data from Hard Drives and Memory before disposal?

Our disposal center owns several patents for advanced Hard Drive and Memory Data Sterilization technologies used in computer recycling. You’ve probably seen in the movies an EMP (electromagnetic pulse), it’s usually caused by some amazing Sci-Fi weapon. Don’t worry we are not using something that might wipe out half of the USA; we use an EMF (electromagnetic field) which is a lot safer. It has the same effect as an EMP but only destroys data and files stored on your old hard drives. Call us today to have your computers, servers, laptops and electronics recycled or CLICK HERE to arrange a pick-up.

Can I recycle our computers without having the data wiped or hard drives destroyed?

Yes you can, when you call us to discus having you electronics or computers recycled ask about the data destruction options available. One option is not to have your hard drive purged of data but simply just to have it recycled.

Safely disposing of computers by recycling.

Disposing of old computers and their screens by recycling them is the safest method of disposal. It’s ECO friendly, Economy friendly and Service friendly, at least when you use our recycling center. Our office is open 8am to 6pm – Electronics Disposal Service or to send us an out-of-hours message Electronics Recycling and Disposal Services.

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