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Electronics Disposal Service for Firms

Electronics Recycling CenterState Laws for Recycling Electronics for Firms

Firms and business in the States of New York, New Jersey Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, are required by law to recycle their electronics. Failure to dispose of your firms electronics correctly will result in prosecution. This legislation has been put in place because electronic equipment contain toxins that may leak from landfill sites into the drinking water of NJ, NY, PA, DE, MD. Our job is to collect your offices scrap, junk or trash computers, printers, servers, PC’s, Laptops and any other electrical device and recycle it – providing a landfill FREE ELECTRONICS DISPOSAL AND RECYCLING SERVICE.

Electronics Disposal Service

How do I dispose of my firm’s computers and office electronics?

Your firm may have special requirements, for example you might be a legal or accounting firm that needs to dispose of computers and electronic equipment that contains sensitive data and information. If that is the case we at the ‘Electronics Disposal & Recycling Center’ offer a full grade DATA destruction service.

Circuit Board Recycling

Did you know that even circuit boards can be recycled for their metals. Did you also know that sensitive data may be stored in other places, not just your hard-drive but circuitry too? That is why we specialize in not just the basic level of recycling electronics but pay special attention to advanced circuitry disposal as well.

Our New Jersey Recycling Facility Leads the way for Safe Computer and Electronics Disposal.

Your firm is in good hands, Computer and Electronics Disposal is our business and we recognize that you need to focus on yours so we provide a disturbance FREE Office Computer and Electronics Recycling Service. We can collect you old office equipment and electronics from wherever you may be in the USA and process your E-Waste in accordance with State laws, so you don’t need to worry.

Electronics Disposal Service

Special Electronics Recycling and Computer Disposal Program

Are you asking one of the below questions:

I have 10 PC’s that need recycling what do I do with them?

How do I dispose of 20 computers?

Who can take my 30 computers, monitors and office electronics?

Where do I get rid of my office computers, printers, copiers and electronics?

We need a recycler to dispose of 300 computers and monitors plus office equipment?

I need a disposal service or business for our computers and offices telephones?

It doesn’t matter if you have 3 or 3000 PC’s that you need to get rid of we can help. Our facility processes tens of thousands of electrical items each month. You are welcome to come visit us Electronics Disposal Service or click here to arrange a collection of your businesses or firms computers and office equipment.

Electronics Disposal & Recycling for New Jersey, New York and NYC, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Surrounding States
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