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How to dispose of old electronics and used computers

Recycling used electronics - How to dispose from the office:

Are you asking yourself “How do I dump old electronics?” Dispose of broken electronics is relatively simple, you can’t throw away computers, printers and cartridges any more but you can have them collected. We provide a full electronics disposal and recycling service that offers your business a bother FREE collection and disposal service.

Electronics Disposal Serviceor click here to arrange a collection.

Recycling used electronics - How to dispose from the facility:

How do I dump old electronics? Used printers, toner cartridges, PC’s and office equipment such as copiers can be recycled. If your facility has something out of the ordinary such as lighting, telephone networks, mainframes or machinery that you need recycling we can help with that too. Call us or if it’s out of hours send us a message by CLICKING HERE.

Recycling used electronics - How to dispose from the warehouse or depot:

We provide a full package collection service for electronics disposal, if you have a warehouse or depot that is full of obsolete electronics, or just e-waste we can process it. Our fleet of collection trucks range in size to carry away scrap, junk or just used but no-longer wanted computers, laptops, circuit boards and just about anything that’s recyclable

Recycling used electronics - How to dispose from a company:

As a leading electronics recycler we ensure that your company is legally protected by recycling all your used, old or unwanted electrical equipment. Disposing of electrical equipment use to be simple but recent studies have shown that electronic devices from computer hardware to cell phones contain toxins that can be damaging to our environment and water supplies. As a result most States have a recycling law to ensure all electrical equipment is recycled correctly. Our center for recycling and electronic disposal has been approved and certified and by using us you are ensuring against any liabilities.

We provide a full collection to de-manufacturing Electronics Recycling Service.

Electronics Disposal Service or if it’s out of hours send us a message by CLICKING HERE

We work to the following standards: Electronics Recycling Laws NYC E-Waste Electronics Recycling Standards NJ E-Waste Electronics Recycling Standards

We specialize in Electronics and Computer Recycling in New Jersey, NJ, NY (NYC), CT, MA, PA, MI and up hold Laws on Electronics Dumping, Laws on electronics recycling and Laws on electronics disposal.

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