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Electronics Recycling CenterHow do I dispose of our organizations hardware, computers and electronics?

To dispose safely of your organizations computers, hardware and electronic equipment such as telephones and machinery start by Electronics Disposal Service. Our Recycling and Disposal Center covers all States in the North East of the USA. Our main disposal facility is based in New Jersey and is rapidly becoming a Nationwide Leader in electronics and computer recycling as an alternative to landfill disposal (which is now illegal). We can collect, receive or arrange a dispatch service for your organizations unwanted electronic equipment in the following States:

  • New Jersey (NJ approved recycler)

  • New York including NYC (New York City approved recycler)

  • Pennsylvania (PA approved recycler)

  • We also provide collection and recycling services for Delaware, Maryland and surrounding States.

Is it Just Computer Hardware and Electronic Equipment that you dispose of?

We have clients of all size and nature, we look after all the recycling needs for pharmaceuticals, agencies, governmental departments, manufacturing and healthcare companies. We even run events at schools for the community to recycle. As a result our recycling service receives just about every type of electrical appliance ready for disposal. We are pretty sure that if electricity runs through it we can recycle it.

Electronics Disposal Service or Electronics Recycling and Disposal Services to send us a message.

What Type Of Organizations Do You Provide Recycling Services For?

Listed below are a few Organizations that we recycle for:

  1. Recycling for Law Firms including computer hardware disposal

  2. Disposal for Accounting Firms including Server, laptop and PC recycling

  3. Pharmaceutical and Research Equipment Disposed of and recycled

  4. Special Electronics Recycling for agencies including governmental departments

  5. Manufacturing companies needing to dispose of old equipment or e-waste

  6. We also help dispose of electronics for healthcare companies (providing it’s not radioactive)

If your organization is not listed but you need to dispose of unwanted electronics or E-Waste including office equipment and computers Electronics Disposal Service we can help, or Electronics Recycling and Disposal Services and send us a message.

Do you Collect Equipment and Computers?

We have a large number of trucks that are always mobile, collecting electronics that are ready to be recycled from Pennsylvania, New York, Delaware, Maryland and New Jersey. Our disposal team can even help disassemble old equipment and remove it safely from your location. Please contact us for a quote: Electronics Disposal Service CLICK HERE to ask us a question or request a collection (pick up of junk electronics for the trash).

Electronics Disposal & Recycling for New Jersey, New York and NYC, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Surrounding States
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