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Resident wishing to Recycling in New Jersey and New York

Dear resident, are you asking one of the following questions?

  1. Where do I take my old PC to recycle it?

  2. How do I dispose of my old Computer and Printer?

  3. Who collects computer junk?

  4. Am I also meant to recycle domestic appliances?

  5. Where is the nearest disposal center for recycling electronics?

  6. Can you help dispose of my business computers as well?

  7. Do I need to recycle all computer and electronic equipment?

  8. Can you recycle my cell phone?

Welcome, recycled is better than dumped, when you recycle you are actually helping the planet, doing your bit to keep the world we live in greener and cleaner for generations to come, thank you. If you’re asking any of the above questions we’ll be able to answer them and help you Electronics Disposal Service alternatively CLICK THIS to send us a message or ask a question.

Can I throw my old computer and printer into the trash?

No it is illegal to throw away old computers and electronic trash; it has to be recycled due to toxic materials held within the equipment. Toxic metals such as led can be found in computer screens and CRT monitors. CLICK HERE to request help.

Electronic Junk Collections and E-Waste Trash Drop-ins

If it’s just 3 or 4 items you need disposing off you are better off posting them to us, call us and we’ll e-mail you a postal form – very easy. If you have tens or hundreds of electronics then we could arrange a collection.


Being Free to Recycle means keeping Landfills Free of Electronics and Computers ready for Disposal. The Computer & Electronics Disposal Service NJ USA provides you the residents of New York and New Jersey a better way to get rid of your unwanted, scrap or junk computers, PC’s and household electronics. TV’s, stereos, electronic devices can all be taken apart and recycled keeping them out of landfills and helping prevent toxic materials held within from seeping into our water supplies. TOXIN FREE DISPOSAL WASTE FREE RECYCLING!

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